The PAKAMA backpack.

The PAKAMA sports bag is a unique lifestyle bag. Even when
the complete set of equipment is packed, there is still enough
space for personal items like your notebook, training shoes or
your travel camera.

The inside of the bag offers hidden compartments for every
piece of equipment, so it can easily be found, used and stored. 

We finished the roll top opening with a waterproof double
zipper, so you can open the bag completely. This allows 
fast and easy access from the side while the top is closed.
You can easily grab your notebook, wallet, phone, or of
course a piece of the equipment. 
The PAKAMA sports bag is also made for the outdoors: 
the inside and outside of the bag isrobust, easily cleaned
and water resistant.

There are 2 outside pockets, one on the front of the bag for
small items like wallet or keys and one underneath, designed
with an extra zipper, so you can enlarge if you want to take
your water bottle with you.

The PAKAMA backpack provides the perfect and comfortable
fit for everybody, all straps are adjustable.